Door County

Door County is a peninsula and a series of islands comprising the “Thumb” of Wisconsin. With Lake Michigan on one side, Green Bay waters on the other and “Death’s Door” at the tip, Door County is an emerald jewel surrounded by vibrant blue waters and scenic views.

Door County is known for its cherry and apple orchards, its beautiful natural setting, boating/fishing, shipbuilding/maritime history and the arts. There are wineries and fruit stands to visit; many places to explore on bicycles; boats and swimming; fishing and sailing charters to experience the waters and many other options for entertainment. For more information on Door County, venture to the Door County Visitor Bureau web site.

The county is dotted with little towns and villages all the way up the peninsula. Each town is approximately 5 to 10 miles apart. The entire county is easily driveable in a day. Each village has its own series of shops, restaurants, lodges, beaches, activities and entertainment featuring their own unique flavor. At the tip of the peninsula you can catch a car ferry over to Washington Island and another boat to Rock Island. There are many lighthouses you can see and some you can tour.